Champions Make Choices. Choices Make Champions.

Marc’s powerful and heart felt “Choices” program evokes personal reflection through laughter and tears, inspiring
and empowering students to make positive choices, cherish relationships and realize and achieve their dreams. Marc has an extraordinary ability to connect with students and people of all ages and walks of life. Millions of people who have seen this program describe it as life changing and life saving!
Marc Mero’s Champion of Choices Program:

  • America’s most sought-after Middle / High school presentation.
  • Presented to thousands of schools, communities and corporate events impacting and empowering millions of people worldwide.

Dear Educators and Friends:
Bullying, violence, substance abuse, depression and suicide are top concerns among schools, students, parents and communities across the globe. Our vulnerable youth population faces these issues on a daily basis and are often left with low self esteem, loss of hope and feeling helpless. Where do we go from here?

Benefits from ONE-HOUR presentation:

  • Students have HOPE for a brighter tomorrow
  • School cultures are being transformed as students take a stand against bullying, drugs and peer pressure
  • Students who are depressed, exhibit self-injurious behavior (cutting), or have suicidal thoughts are getting help
  • Young people are discovering their life passion, setting goals, and becoming the Champions they are destined to be!

Join with us to help your students and community.