Meleeke Jones


My goal today is to help you unlock the CHAMPION inside of you! Being a part of the Champion of Choices family over the last several years and working with Marc Mero has taught me to believe in myself and that I can achieve my dreams. I believe everyone has greatness inside of them, but sometimes because of challenges, hurts, disappointments and pains we all can lose our way, get distracted or lose focus on our dream.

Born in Chicago, I had a mom and dad who loved me very much, or so I thought. When my parents divorced I was only two years old. I grew up always wondering what would my life be like if my father was in it? It was really hard seeing other kids with their dads, but never spending time with mine. My first setback — wondering, “where is he? Why doesn’t he want me? Did he not love me?”

I want you to believe YOU CAN MAKE IT. YOU WILL MAKE IT. YOU MUST MAKE IT. Take all your sadness or pain you may be feeling and know you’re going to be okay! Believe me…no matter how bad it gets everything happens for a reason and on the other side of pain can be happiness if you THINK POSITIVE!!!

Yes, happiness is a choice and I believe it’s a choice we are all able to make, but we have to BELIEVE! The people in my life that helped me BELIEVE are my mom and my grandmother. My grandma was like my best friend; someone you can tell your secrets, someone who’s there for you no matter what. These two amazing women played a huge roll in my life and were my biggest supporters in all my activities.

At the age of 10, I started gymnastics and competitive dancing. I played football, took ballet and did back flips in Walmart. Crazy I know. BUT I love to dance and I love to flip. My mom came to all my dance competitions and sporting events throughout Florida and even in other states. My grandmother even when she wasn’t well never missed a performance. Despite all my success with athletics, I was BULLIED. I had to learn how to get past the nay-sayers and bullies. In my presentation I share tips to getting through the tough times.

When I was just 14 years old, Marc Mero — through the Champion of Choices organization — gave me the confidence that I can help kids overcome bullying and believe in themselves, and exceed challenges and setbacks they come across in their life. Now my mission is sharing my story to elementary school students all over the world, bringing Hope and Encouragement, inspiring them to Never Give Up and to Dreaming Big no matter what comes your way.