Marc Mero

Marc Mero experienced his first crisis at age eight when his parents divorced. He grew up in a single-family home in a poor section of New York, but wrote down his dreams and goals, setting his sights on athletics. Marc worked hard to achieve success in hockey, football, boxing and professional wrestling. After reaching the pinnacle of sports entertainment as a WCW and WWE Wrestling Champion, Marc suffered enormous loss and learned that money and fame can’t buy happiness. “It’s NOT what’s in your pocket; it’s what’s in your HEART that truly matters!

Tragedy to Triumph

  • The tragic loss of more than 30 of Marc Mero’s close friends and family members – largely due to lifestyle choices and negative behaviors – spurred Marc into action. He wanted people to be aware of the consequences of their choices. “It only takes using drugs one time to kill you – then your family and friends have to suffer and live with the pain of your choice everyday!” Marc is determined to keep students off of the “death list” he speaks of during his presentation – helping young people realize that life is precious and relationships should be cherished.

A Selfless Champion

  • Today, Marc Mero selflessly gives of his time and talent to impact young lives with amazing results. Through the nonprofit organization he founded in 2007 called Champion of Choices, he shares his powerful story of tragedy and triumph, speaking candidly about where his good and bad choices took him. His anti-bullying, substance abuse, and suicide prevention message reaches students at a heart-level during a dynamic stage production. Lives are saved and changed by his honest portrayal and courage to stand up, step up, and speak up. Thousands of young people credit Marc Mero with giving them hope, empowering them to make positive choices, and inspiring them to lead healthy and successful lives.

A Passion to Save Lives

  • Marc Mero’s commitment to improving the lives of children and teens is unparalleled. It’s not a job – it’s his passion. He works countless hours to respond to students who need words of encouragement, and connects suicidal and depressed youth with school counselors. Most of these students would otherwise hold in their hurt and pain. Marc is their “Hero and Champion!”

A Selfless Commitment

  • There are two types of people in this world: Those who say that something needs to be done, and those who do something about it. Marc Mero is a doer. He speaks from the heart when he says: “I’m dedicating the rest of my life to helping young people know that there’s hope in this world. Anyone can achieve their goals and dreams if they choose to BELIEVE! At the end of your life, it’s not how much money you have in the bank or what kind of car you drove or house you lived in; it’s about how much you give and how much of a positive impact you make on another person’s life.”