Makaila Nichols


At age 21, Makaila is a best-selling author of “Blatantly Honest: Normal Teen, Abnormal Life.” In this book, she shares her own story and personal struggles with issues that teens may encounter such as: bullying, body image, sexual assault, peer pressure, and more because of its relevance in today’s digitally-addicted, fast-paced world.

Her engaging personality captivates audiences as she brings real-life issues to the forefront and inspires young people to live a life of power and authenticity. The importance of making positive choices and seeking help when life seems overwhelming is encouraged as depression and suicide have reached alarming rates.

Makaila is expanding her reach by hosting a Youtube & Podcast Channel that focuses on her own experiences while bringing on celebrities, influencers, and experts to talk about their own struggles and triumphs with the same issues.

Makaila also supports her peers through philanthropic initiatives including: The Great American No Bull Challenge, NOYS, Reel Stories Real People, and motivational speaking.

A proud member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA), Makaila is available for speaking engagements, working with and inspiring youth, parents, teachers, and corporate America with her educational and eye-opening talks.