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Faculty Testimonials

"You were amazing.  Our kids in both schools can’t stop talking already this morning about your program and how it touched their hearts and has inspired them to change.  Staff has called, parents have called, kids are all talking about how you inspired them and what an impactful program it was. I can’t thank you enough for making a huge impact on our kids and being an inspiration for our students and adults in our buildings for them to make positive choices and change for the best! I hope we can connect and have you back again in the future, you have made a new friend, the Community of Seymour!"
Rich Kearns
Director of Security – Seymour Connecticut Public Schools
"As a school resource officer in New Jersey, I invited Marc Mero to do a presentation on Anti-Bullying. He accepted and this past April he came to my School. To see him live and in person and to listen to his message right of me was something I will never forget. Students and parents still talk about him with me, to this day. I encourage all of you to find the time and opportunity to actually see his presentation. It is a life changing experience."
Harry Hults
School Resource Officer – New Jersey
"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Marc Mero and Champion of Choices. Your testimony is truly empowering and motivational, and the engagement of your audience is impressive to behold. Marc Mero and the Champion of Choices team offer a powerful message of hope and tolerance to all students. Teachers, parents and students have all expressed that this was the most productive school assembly they have ever experienced. Thank you for the inspirational presentations that you brought to the students and staff of Osceola County."
Melba Luciano
Superintendent - Osceola County Schools – Florida
"Thank you for what you do for students all over the state and country. There is still a buzz across campus about the impact you have had on both our students and the adults that were in attendance for your performance. I feel confident that we will work out a way to have you back in the future. Good Luck My Friend! I BELIEVE!"
Jeremy Salmon
Principal - Eau Gallie High School – Melbourne, FL
"In my 22 years of education, I can honestly say that this presentation was far and away the best I have ever seen. Marc’s message is all encompassing on areas of concern including bullying, suicide prevention, goal-setting, substance abuse, and what it takes to make great choices in life. Our students and faculty were moved, and more importantly actively engaged in reflection, tears, laughter, and hope for the entire 70 minute presentation. Equally important, our students, faculty, and community are still talking about the presentation and the impact it had on them and their lives."
John Kelly
Principal - Sprayberry High School – Marietta, GA
"Marc Mero’s Champion of Choices program is “hands down” the most inspirational school assembly program that I have ever experienced. Marc has the ability to connect with each audience member and he commits himself to following up with students, staff, and community members via social media every day after he shares his message. I do not know of any other school program that provides follow-up like Champion of Choices does. Marc’s message is truly empowering and I can guarantee that not one student will even think of leaving the assembly because they are bored, disconnected, or cannot find meaning in Marc’s message. He is truly one of the best! I would strongly encourage all principals to share Marc’s message with their students! I Believe!"
Joseph M. DeBarbieri
Principal - Charles W. Baker High School – Baldwinsville, NY
"Thank you for sharing your POWERFUL message to Wesley Chapel High School and Weightman Middle School during the past few days! I am the Guidance Counselor at the middle school and was so moved by how the students reacted to your testimony! I couldn’t believe how you positively touched kids I never thought were reachable!"
Sharon Lankford Morris
Guidance Counselor - Weightman Middle School – Wesley Chapel, FL
"Marc, I want you to know this was the single best motivational presentation at our high school! I’ve been doing this job for 26 years, and I am certain your message was heard. Very few dry eyes in the audience. Thank you for being an inspiration to our students!"
K.C. Bechard
Teacher - Phoenix High School – Phoenix, NY
"Marc Mero moved the audience from thoughtful reflection, to tears, to laughter and hope. Marc touched the lives of our students, faculty and staff as he discussed sensitive topics including suicide, bullying, and substance abuse. Marc, along with “Mero’s Heroes” provided a lasting message of hope and tolerance for our students. I truly believe in my heart that his impact will be a positive one for our school. Marc is a difference maker and a significant adult in the eyes of the “barracuda family."
Jim Tager
Principal - New Smyrna Beach High School – New Smyrna Beach, FL
"Marc and Team, All I can say is “THANK YOU.” You were so inspirational to our students and staff. I do not think there was one person in the room that you did not connect with at some point during your presentation. I had staff coming up to me after saying in their 5, 11, 14, 22, 28, etc…..years being a staff member at CNS that was the best, most productive assembly we have ever had here. You really reached people and especially some of our most at risk students. You sure do have a gift and I hope you continue to do these presentations to students all over the country."
Tim Bednarski
Assistant Principal - Cicero-North Syracuse High School – Cicero, NY
"All I can say is “WOW”! We are so thrilled with the presentations today! Thank you, thank you and thank you! I have already started calling the other principals, they should give their students a wonderful gift with your presentation!"
Debra Murdock
Principal - Cherokee High School – Canton, GA
"Dear Mr. Mero: Thank you for your recent presentation for the Nicholson School of Communication at UCF. Your inspiring presentation will certainly help encourage our students to make better choices and hopefully become some of the “happiest people on the planet.” I am personally appreciative of your contributions in support of the educational mission of the Nicholson School. On behalf of the faculty and staff, please accept my gratitude and this most sincere thank you for what you have done."
Robert C. Chandler, Ph.D.
Director - University of Central Florida UCF
"He delivers the message about bullying and peer pressure in a way that kids can relate to it. Our students are still talking about the presentation and the impact it had on them and their lives and it has been almost six weeks. I have had parents who saw the program tell me it was the best program that has ever been brought to the school. This is not just another assembly… the message is powerful, emotional, and inspirational. In situations that come up later, we are able to say to the students, ‘remember what Marc Mero talked about?’ Champion of Choices mirrors what we want kids to know and reinforces it. Thank you for all you are doing to help students recognize the importance of their choices."
Corbet Wilson
Seminole County Director Of Teaching and Learning
"Thank you for your recent presentation to our junior and senior classes. It was evident that our students were captivated by your message of goal setting, priorities and hope. Your presentation was thought provoking and relevant for students. Many are wrestling with issues and all of our students are faced with decisions about their future. This presentation speaks to those struggles and issues in a healthy and dramatic way. It is certainly a worthy assembly and I am glad to recommend this presentation to fellow principals."
Timothy Smith
Principal of Winter Park High School – Winter Park, FL
"In my 27 years of teaching, rarely have I heard a guest speaker as amazing as this. Not only was the message a powerful one, it was delivered with flair & in such a profound way, it cannot be easily dismissed by the students or the adults who had the pleasure to listen to it. I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Mero two years ago, and when I heard he was coming back to our school, I was beyond thrilled."
Cathy Napoli
Language Arts Teacher - Corner Lakes Middle School – Orlando, FL
"I feel the need to share with you some of my students´ reactions to this morning’s presentations. Some came back with tears in their eyes others said that of all the presentations they have seen through their years at Timber Creek HS, this one is the one they will never forget. On behalf of my students, I thank you for bringing this message to them, One GREAT Choice!"
Carmen Chavez
Curriculum Compliance Teacher / Administrator - Timber Creek High School – Orlando, FL
"Dear Marc, I have been a teacher at Walker Middle School for the past twenty-three years. Of my years here, your presentation was the most intense and I think the best we have ever had. The students were still talking about your message at the end of the day. I’m sorry for all the hard times but it is those hard times that have made you the man you are. God Bless you Marc and I pray that you will continue to reach out and touch so many young lives. Rest assured your message touched many of the older lives too. It certainly touched mine."
Chuck Bell
Teacher - Walker Middle School – Orlando, FL
"Many of you may know Mr. Mero from his years as a professional wrestling star, football, hockey and boxing standout. Mero commanded attention and respect through both his celebrity status and his energetic and highly entertaining presentation. The environment was electric. Who would have imagined that by the end of the assembly a dry eye would be hard to find. At the heart of his message was his realization that his success as a person, and therefore his happiness, was tremendously influenced by the choices he made. Judging from the reaction of the audience, the message was received in a powerful way."
Shawn Bissetta
Principal - Dana West High School – Port Byron, NY
"Marc and team, Phenomenal. Entertaining. Moving. The Champion of Choices presentation was more than I could have every hoped it could be. Thank you for spreading your message of hope in a manner that engages your audience and captivates their hearts. You ARE truly a champion."
Rose Pollzzie
EDS Counselor - Celebration Middle School – Kissimmee, FL
"As the coordinator of Howard Middle School’s Red Ribbon Week activities, I want to send a very heartfelt THANK YOU to Marc and his awesome staff! I have been at Howard Middle for six years and I have never seen students moved emotionally the way that they were during your presentation. You have no idea what an impact you made on the students and the staff here at Howard. It is now hours after the presentation and the students are still ranting and raving over your story. When asked, the students are not ashamed to say that they were crying and touched emotionally. Some of the toughest kids, both girls and boys were impacted and I can’t say THANK YOU enough. We all are truly CHAMPIONS because of you! I encourage you to continue using your gift of spreading the word of “Good Choices” to children all over the world."
Tanekia R. Perry
6th Grade Language Arts Teacher - Howard Middle School – Orlando, FL
"We had Marc Mero yesterday for the assemblies….. wow !!!!!!!!!!!! I can not express what a dynamite speaker he is. His piece on goal setting was excellent.I have been doing this forever and this is the best of the best. My 396 6th graders were attentive and quiet but most important heard and took to heart his message. We even had kids crying when they returned to class.I too had a tear in my eye : ) If your principal will let you, try to get him. He is local and many of my students watched him on wrestling. We had kids lined up to shake his hand and get autographs even after school let out. That tells you something. He is prompt and great at returning emails.This was a great piece for our Bullying Prevention week because relationships helps curb bullying."
Anne Leatherbarrow
SAFE Coordinator - Apopka Middle School – Apopka, FL
"Marc, I cannot begin to tell you the impact your presentation had on our students here at Edgewater High. Kids from all walks of life felt a connection with you and your amazing story. Because you are so straight-forward and honest, the kids see that and listened and believed!!! The campus was buzzing for days! Thank you for being so gracious with the autographs and pictures…they LOVED it! I really hope this is just the beginning here at Edgewater High."
Donna Davis
Health Educator - Edgewater High School Orlando, FL
"Hello Marc, I wanted to THANK YOU for being our guest at our Drug Free Red Ribbon Week Program!! Your testimony was truly inspiring to me and also our children!! The blessing you are sharing with us is so valuable to all who hear it. Therefore, I pray to God that you never stop telling it!! I could see the hand of God working through your life from a child. It’s funny sometimes when we take the time to sit back and think about our lives that we then begin to see all the wonderful blessings God gives us in small nuggets. Your Mom and Dad are so proud of you!!! I know it!! So are your sister and brother!! You have to realize this. God even took the time to bless you with such a beautiful niece WOW!!! I am sure you are teaching her all the lessons you learned from your parents. Take care of yourself and remember…never stop telling your testimony!!"
Samantha Robinson
Critical Thinking Teacher - Howard Middle School – Orlando, FL
"Thank you, Marc, for speaking to us again. It was even better the second time around. You are something else. The class last year achieved phenomenal growth, about 700 times greater than normal, and your visit was a big part of that. I incorporated your goal cards into our lesson plans, and even though four students started the year at Level One in reading (the lowest level possible), NOT ONE tested there at the end! Your program of Thinking and Dreaming Big perfectly matched our class motto of Dreaming and Doing Big. And in the end, They BECAME BIG!!!!!!! During your speech I snuck up behind my daughter Bella and wrapped her in my arms, barely holding back my tears. I began teaching here so I could see her every day and have more “moments” since she lives with her mother……… Holding her in my arms and listening to you talk was one of the biggest moments we’ve had these past three years. Thank you for providing that, Marc. I can’t thank you enough, and I mean when I say it…..You are The Man!"
Adam Stuart
5th Grade Teacher - Sand Lake Elementary – Orlando, FL
"Hello, my son attended your presentation today. I felt the need to send you this email for many reasons, the main one being that I have not seen him so excited and happy in a long time. My son has had a lot of difficulty in the last year. He is a super bright kid, with excellent grades, but has several self esteem and confidence issues due to his relatively small stature and his longing to meet his estranged father. He has had a hard time making good choices in school and actually has made comments of suicide in the past. He has been receiving therapy and slowly has come around. I am a single mother of 3 and I try my hardest to show him how special he truly is. His therapist, my family and his principal as well as the school staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help my son. Your words did more for my son in one day than the whole above mentioned army has in one year! He came home very touched by your life story and has not stopped talking about it; he remembers every detail, down to the names of your friends that have passed. He cried for you today, telling me, “Mom please pray for him because he doesn’t have his family anymore, I want to give him the love of mine”. This moved me to tears! I think what your doing is AMAZING! And I thank you. You returned a sparkle in my son’s eye that has been dimmed for a while and he is now talking about all the changes he wants to make in his life! He feels empowered and motivated by your words, and actually told me that he now understands what I mean when I tell him that a friend is something you will be able to count in one hand at the end of your life and may still have fingers left over. He explained that you said things in a way that he understood. He proudly quoted: “friends are like elevators, some bring you up while others bring you down.” I couldn’t have put it better myself. He tells me he wants to be a leader, and he’s done doing what other’s do, he loves wrestling and football, and since you claimed the fame to both he can see that it is a lot more attainable. He has called his papa, and his uncles to tell them about this “awesomely cool wrestler named Marc Mero”. He even looked you up on Wikipedia because he wanted to know every detail about you so he can tell my dad who you were ( my dad didn’t remember at first, but once we mentioned, “Marvelous Marc Mero” and Johnny B. Bad he immediately recollected. He’s a huge wrestling fan!) I just wanted to let you know what happened after you walked out of that school and I hope and pray that GOD gives you the strength, health, passion and love to continue your journey. Thank you, From a grateful mother…."
Mother of Student
"Marc Mero and the “Champion of Choices” assembly was a powerful experience for our students and an absolutely engaging ninety minute experience. From the powerful video footage and Marc’s engaging manner, to the professionally paced presentation, Marc and his team did a fantastic job of “grabbing the audience” and keeping them throughout his time with our school. And, for as interesting and as entertaining as the presentation elements were, they paled in comparison to Marc’s powerful, optimistic, and absolutely honest message to our students concerning the goals and choices we make in our lives and how they can have such a tremendous impact on both ourselves and the lives of those around us. From goal setting as a child to mourning the passing of friends resulting from their choices, Marc offered a message of clear choice consequences and a redemptive message of comfort and hope for those in pain or struggling with choices and challenges in their own lives. As a Christian school, The Orlando Lutheran Academy found Marc’s message to be uplifting, inspirational, and encouraging to us as we live out our “Walk with Christ” through great times and times of difficulty. I enthusiastically recommend Marc for any school or youth organization interested in offering a message of hope and encouragement for their young people. Marc was a blessing to our school!"
Dr. Wayne E. Jensen
Executive Director - The Orlando Lutheran Academy – Orlando, FL
"Marc ~ Your presentation was not one of a speaker; It was one of a real person at all stages. My students are rarely moved by speakers; you had them laughing, teary-eyed, desiring, hoping, and most of all believing that they can accomplish their dreams despite obstacles. Our kids need this. This was real to them. Thank you so very much, I was moved also.Continue your mission…You are helping to save our youth!"
Wilma Molina
Team Leader - Jackson Middle School – Orlando, FL
"Marc Mero came and spoke to our All Pro Dad's monthly breakfast. We have had many speakers, but none that so engaged the children and that so moved the dads. Marc’s story about setting goals and perseverance to attain those goals was awe inspiring. The kids were just blown away by him! First off, he is like a real-life action star. Second, he has an honest and real story. We had a packed cafeteria and every single person was absolutely focused on Marc as he spoke. I received more positive feedback from the dads saying their kids asked lots of questions afterwards about making positive decisions. We plan to ask Marc to speak again next year. He is a great speaker and a great role model."
Andrew Bitner
All Pro Dad's Team Captain
"Your message of dedication, inspiration, and making positive choices reflects a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others, and for this you are commended. Unquestionably, your presentation far surpasses any I have seen."
F. Eugene Mims
Correctional Probation - Senior Officer
"Holy Cow- Friday was amazing! It was better than anything I could have ever dreamed of! You all did a fantastic job and my students cannot stop talking about it. They keep asking me if he can come back! Thank you so much!!!! We are writing thank you letters and I need to know where to mail them to. If you could provide me with an address I would be extremely grateful. Thanks again, you guys rocked!!!!"
Stacey Hull
AVID Coordinator & Elective Teacher - Kennedy Middle School - Rockledge, FL
"WOW! Marc Mero gave a fantastic presentation to our students that had them on the edge of their seats! He connected immediately with the entire audience, and shared with them his inspirational story of where he came from, how he set his goals, and how he overcame obstacles to achieve his goals. The students came away from the presentation with the message to believe in themselves and set high goals for themselves, write down those goals, and don’t let others influence them into making bad choices that could stop them from achieving their goals. He was totally awesome! His story and presentation will make you laugh, make you cry, fill you with inspiration, and motivate you to want to do your very best! Thank you for inspiring our students!"
Drew A. Hawkins
Ph.D. – Assistant Principal - Little River Elementary School Orlando, FL
"Marc…I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much my daughter and I enjoyed your appearance at East Lake Elementary School for All Pro Dads this morning. I listen to you on the Monsters of the Morning radio show and you are every bit what they say you are. Your stories and life experiences really touched me (I was crying like a big baby). My daughter was totally mesmerized by you and your speech. She got one of your action figures for asking a good question. In fact, her homework assignment tonight was to write a story and the ENTIRE thing was about you. You are doing a great thing by reaching out to these kids and I know my daughter will remember you for a long time to come. Thank you for a great start to my day. You made me want to go save the world!"
CJ Krause
All-Pro Dad’s
"Marc, I just wanted to thank you again for coming out to our school. I can’t put into words what a positive affect you had on the students here at Union Park Elementary School. They were visibly moved and touched by your message. You are an inspiration to so many students and you have reached them in ways that nobody would have thought possible. P.S. You have made me the coolest teacher in the school because the kids think we are friends! Thanks!"
Sharon Geradi
5th Grade Teacher - Union Park Elementary
"I have heard WONDERFUL things about Marc Mero. I actually mentor a student at Stonewall Jackson and his words were “Miss, Marc Mero went to school and he made me cry…he really touched me. Now I know how important doing my work in school is…I have done ALL my homework since I saw him speak. I know if he can make it, I can make it!!” I was so proud of him because he struggles a lot since he lost his father and he could really identify with Mr. Mero. We spent our entire hour talking about how awesome he was!! On that note Mr. Mero, my hats off to you, is not easy to get through to kids today, but it seems like you have the gift…and I’m happy to know that you are putting it to a FANTASTIC use!!! Congrats!!!!"
Cynthia B. Bocanegra
MHC District SAFE Counselor
"Marc, I just want to thank you again for coming to the school and sharing your testimony with the teens here. It was very inspiring and impacting a lot of the teens here. This is a message that all teens need to here. It will help teens see what is truly important in life. Many teens today see that fame, fortune, friends etc. are all that matters, but you have helped reinforce to the teens that there is much more that matters, and that with God at the center of our life, He will help each of us see what truly matters. Thank you!! Teens are still talking about your testimony today and how it impacted them. Some parents have shared with me that your testimony helped their teen see the importance of family and family time even more. Needless to say, you impacted a lot of young people here and I thank you. We will have you back as soon as we can!! Thanks again!!"
Kevin Burns
Youth Pastor - Heritage Christian School – Kissimmee, FL
"Wow! Our middle school students were mesmerized by Marc Mero. He connected immediately with this age group. They loved watching his wrestling highlights and listening to the jamming music. From the touching moments when Marc talked about fellow wrestlers who died from drugs to his uplifting message of surrounding yourself with positive people, Marc was on point and had the students’ attention. When the assembly was over, the students wanted to hug him, touch his muscles, and get his autograph. I guess that says it all! I only wish every middle school student could see Marc Mero’s presentation and hear his powerful message."
Carl Persis
Principal Ormond - Beach Middle School – Ormond Beach, FL
"I just wanted to tell you again that it was great to have you at Jackson and I really look forward to working with you again. I’m elated to find someone as passionate about helping people as you are. Let me know what all I can to do help you out and I’ll be sure to pass on the word about your phenomenal presentation."
Sonia Watson
Intervention Specialist - Stonewall Jackson Middle School – Orlando, FL
"Thank you so much for coming to Taylor Middle-High School. I found it so refreshing to meet someone like you who has experienced so much and is still so caring, compassionate and down to earth! The students really enjoyed it and we hope you can make it back sometime and share your experiences with us again."
Kelly Nicholson
Activities Director - Pierson/Taylor High School Pierson, FL
"Dear Marc, I want to thank you so much for coming to Denn John Middle School and speaking to our students. We have had many guest speakers come to our school and never have the kids been as responsive as they were to you. Teaching adolescence is a difficult job as you see the turmoil and tough choices these young adults have to face everyday. Your approach to them was right on. You had their attention from the minute you entered the gym and your speech about making the right choices was fantastic. The fact that you were honest and open with them about the choices you had made and where those choices took you hit home for our students. For the remainder of the day and a week after you left the kids were still talking about the things you had said. I am sure that having you come to the school will make a difference in more than one of their lives. I hope you continue to speak out about steroid use and making good choices. I also want you to know that the teacher’s who sat through your presentation were also very impressed by what you had to say and how the student’s responded. In the past they have been reluctant to bring their classes to presentations but many of them came to me to thank us for inviting them to come. They felt your message was genuine and well presented. So from the entire staff of Denn John Middle School we want to Thank you and wish you all the best."
Sue Bagley
Physical Education - Denn John Middle School Kissimmee, FL
"Dear Marc, You truly touched the minds, hearts and souls of the fourth and fifth grade students at Indian River Elementary School! The day following your visit, I personally spoke to many of the students regarding your message about “Choices in Life.” Each student was able to explain your message and how your experiences made them think about how they want to live their lives. Thank you for taking time to help children who are at such a pivotal place in their lives. I know that you have made a difference! This is true success!"
Susan Persis
Principal - Indian River Elementary
"Dear Marc, I wanted to thank you for speaking to the 8th grade students at Meadow Woods Middle School. You had their full attention the entire time, which is not an easy thing to do. I appreciate the fact that you are willing to take the time to give back to the community in such a positive way. Many of the students took to heart the message you were trying to convey to them about making positive choices and setting up goals for themselves. The students and teachers really liked the cards you gave them so they could write their goals. I still see many of them with the cards in their binders and folders. You also sent a strong message when you were open about the mistakes you have made in the past and how you overcame them and other difficult times in your life. Thank you for inspiring the students, as well as the teachers."
Joanne Wojnarowicz
Math Teacher - Meadow Woods Middle School
"Marc, Thanks for the fantastic job you did with motivating our students here at Sand Lake Elementary. As they walked away from the presentation, I rest assured that each student had a better understanding of how making poor choices in life can lead to life altering, or worse – life threatening consequences. Not only did they learn how decision making can lay down the pathway to your life, but they also experienced first hand how dedication, commitment, and perseverance can define your life! All too often, students are told not to do drugs, but its all in the way that the message is delivered do the students actually soak in the information being given. As Marc Mero spoke to our students with such passion and vengeance, there is no doubt that he has made a difference in many lives just by taking the time to show that he cares! Marc Mero is truly a champion to us here at Sand Lake Elementary!"
Tikara Mosley
Physical Education - Sand Lake Elementary
"Hey Marc! I just wanted to thank you again for what you did at Deland Middle School on Tuesday. I have had several students, teachers and administrators rave about the presentation and I absolutely share in their sentiments. What you are doing for the kids is wonderful and desperately needed today. For the last six years I have tried to send your message about choices as I have personally seen what the wrong ones can lead to. The several years that I have spent in Law Enforcement also echoes my personal experiences as to the importance of good choices and the need to surround yourself with positive people. I wish you the best of luck with your “Champion Choices” program. Please let me know if I can help in any way to make it successful. I can tell you that it is already on the right track and I know it will succeed. Matt, the principal, has told the other middle school administrators about the fantastic impact your presentation had on the school. Jeff has received several calls since then requesting you at a number of different schools. I have no doubt they will have the same experience we had. Again if there is anything I can do please do not hesitate to let me know. Please see the attached e-mail that I received from a teacher, it really says it all."
Pat Leahy
School Resource Deputy - DeLand Middle School
"Hello Marc, The faculty and staff of Rock Lake Elementary really thank you for coming in and speaking with our students. Your message was clear and relevant as well as entertaining to our students. To inspire and set goals for themselves can be a hard task to convey to students in an elementary school You did a phenomenal job on both accounts. Even now students are still talking about the time you spent here at Rock Lake. I recommend you to any elementary school that is looking for a guest speaker who can relate to students and promote surrounding yourself with positive peers and making good choices. Thank you again for your time and message."
John Sark
Technology Coordinator - Rock Lake Elementary School
"Thank you for taking the time to speak with our students. They enjoyed your assemblies…you were the talk of the cafeteria! Thank you for sending these pictures. The students are going to love them!"
Christine Campanella
Assistant Principal - Ormond Beach Middle School
"Marc thoroughly enjoyed you presentation at Ormond Beach Middle School today. You were superb and really had “street cred” with the kids. Thanks for your autograph and your inspirational wisdom."
Martin Ielfield
Health Teacher - Ormond Beach Middle School
"Hi- Thank you again for speaking to our students last week. They are still talking about you and about how much they learned from you. I have the pictures I took on a cd, and I’ll send them in the mail on Wednesday. Again- thank you- you really made a huge impression on many of our students."
Liz Mann
DeLand Middle School
"Thanks for coming Marc. You are becoming the talk of the town over here in Volusia. I will try and touch base with you next week and see what your schedule looks like for other schools. Have a great weekend!"
Sergeant Jeffery
McDonnell Volusia County Sheriff’s Office
"Hi Marc, Thanks again for visiting my school. I was struck with how quickly the kids connected to you. They were captivated. I didn’t know how I’d gauge their reaction, but – at parent pickup – it became quite obvious that you had made an impact. You were all the buzz. Every parent that came for their child got an earful about the wrestler who came to talk the school."
Terri Lynn
1st Grade Teacher - Friendship Elementary School
"Hi Marc, Thanks again for visiting my school. I was struck with how quickly the kids connected to you. They were captivated. I didn’t know how I’d gauge their reaction, but – at parent pickup – it became quite obvious that you had made an impact. You were all the buzz. Every parent that came for their child got an earful about the wrestler who came to talk the school."
Tracy Johnson
1st Grade Teacher - Friendship Elementary School
"Thank you so much for coming to Timber Creek. The students not only loved the presentation, but got a lot out of it. Hopefully we will be able to have you back later this year to talk to a different group of students."
Kelly Paduano
Administrative Dean - Timber Creek High School
"Marc, Thank you for coming to Pine Ridge High School. Yours is an important message. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference.  "
Tom Russell
Principal - Pine Ridge High School