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Corporate Testimonials

"Marc Mero presented to our entire Cast (1000 employees) during our bi-annual Cast Rally. His multi-media presentation, delivered from a personal and heartfelt perspective, spoke to every member regardless of their background. Marc was engaged with our audience before, during and after his presentation. Many weeks afterward, our staff continued to express their gratitude about how much his presentation touched them, and discussed the lasting impression the experience would have on their lives. I have never had that happen to me in the many years we’ve been holding our Cast Rally’s. That is the BEST testimonial I know of!! We would heartily recommend Marc Mero for any organization that wants to give a “gift” to their team."
Eric Opron
Director of Sales & Marketing, Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort
"Applause, applause, applause! What a fantastic, inspirational program – a real “A” Show – you presented for our staff in Seminole County last week. I wanted to personally extend my thanks and appreciation for you and your staff’s time and effort. I also wanted to let you know that your inspirational and motivational message was heard and received, moving several of our staff – even a veteran homicide prosecutor, to tears. Lessons on goal setting are of tantamount importance for our youth, but don’t discount us older guys needing a timely reminder. For those of us who work in the public domain, we find that occasionally we get jaded or discouraged. It takes the shock value of a dynamic presenter such as yourself to remind us of the goal, the quest, that brought us to this work and to re-inspire us. You were a real Superstar according to everyone in attendance."
Norman R. Wolfinger
Florida State Attorney
"I want to sincerely express my appreciation for the presentation you gave last week at SRC. Your inspirational message was heartfelt by our employees and their families. I read and heard some really amazing stories from those that attended expressing the impact it had on them. I have also personally been reflecting on my life and your message. Sharing your personal struggles with such passion, commitment, energy and confidence really brought your words to life and resonated with everyone in the room, regardless of their age. Thank you for inspiring our employees and their families to make positive choices and live fulfilling lives."
Michael Jewett
Corporate Communications Supervisor, SRC Corporation Defense – Environment – Intelligence
"Marc’s inspirational presentation is the best that I have ever seen. Marc is an incredible speaker that captivates his audience. Marc’s message is entertaining and motivating. The feedback from our event has been outstanding. If you are considering a motivational speaker, book Marc now before he becomes one of the most sought after speakers in the country. Thanks for making our VIP event a huge success."
Adam Page
District Sales Manager - Dex One
"Marc spoke at Johnston Paper to our sales and inside teams. As adults we have subtly been programmed to think hard work leads to success and success leads to happiness. After Marc’s presentation our teams realized this thinking was broken. Marc’s presentation highlighted happiness is a precursor to success. Happiness will fuel a more productive and positive employee, who in turn will excel at satisfying the expectations of our customers. A happy employee will work to grow team work, which will give our company the competitive advantage. Marc energized our teams. Marc’s book was an added benefit which allows us to re-visit his message of thinking positive, dreaming big, getting back up & believing the best is yet to come."
Tom Lewis
President - Johnston Paper Company
"I wanted to personally thank you for your very inspiring and informative presentation to the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators. The feedback I received from the members was outstanding. I have not seen the level of excitement and enthusiasm created by your presentation to law enforcement in any of our past engagements."
David Krika
Lieutenant Criminal Investigations / Narcotics Division Commander
"If you have never heard Marc’s presentation, I highly encourage you to attend. I have seen Marc speak three times and it never gets old; you leave feeling so inspired and gain a better appreciation for life! Marc’s time spent with the Volunteers of Altamonte Springs Police Department is still talked about a year later."
Darin Farber
Altamonte Springs Police Department
"I can’t thank you enough for honoring us with your presentation. It was everything I envisioned this lunch would be about. You were absolutely perfect. FYI, we have never had a standing ovation for a speaker before. This is how much you truly inspired this group. I really appreciate that very much. Thanks again Marc. I really got to see a great side about you and I’m inspired that there are others out there who think like I do. Thanks for being a great person."
James Lambros
Kissimmee/Osceola Chamber of Commerce
"Just wanted to pass along to Marc that the YMCA was more than grateful to hear his words. We have our staff complete a survey after our training and there was an overwhelming amount of praise for the speech. We ask everyone to rank each part of the day from 1-5, and the amount of people who wrote in ’10’ was too many to count. Thanks again, and good luck empowering everyone you touch!"
Chuck Steinfurth
Program Director - Central Florida YMCA