I would just like to tell you how inspirational your talk about your mother was to me! I was lying on my bed, with a hand full of pills ready to give up… Until something told me to go on Facebook and your video popped up. I had skipped past it multiple times…. But as I kept scrolling down I noticed more and more people were sharing it. I decided to watch it and I was in earts!!!! I now have a new focus on life itself and I would like to say a big THANK YOU for saving my life. Crying as I write this I hope you read my message, because you are an inspiration to life itself and I just hope you know that! Thank you for giving me hope, and another chance at life! All the best in your career!!!! #MyNewInspiration.

Student on May 11, 2015

Marc, I was in your presentation today at Hagerty High School. I was sitting in the back, by myself & I was going to go home, and take my own life, then I saw your program… I thought about my mom. How much she loves me. I thought about your story, and why God still has me here. I bawled my eyes out in the bathroom, and realized I’m here for a reason. YOU made me realize that, you saved my life.. You came on the perfect day, right when i’d had enough. Thank you.

Student Hagerty High School – Oviedo, FL

Marc, thank you so much for coming to East Middle School. You had the people who are usually not emotional, crying with your touching story. You have changed me and the other 600 kids in our school. Right after the presentation, I went up to my brother at his locker and told him how great he was. I soon became closer with my family. The sister I always fight with is the sister I barely fight with now. Thank you Marc.

Student East Middle School – Auburn, NY