The Simple Message That Brought This Middle School Class to Tears

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Marc Mero has achieved incredible success in sports and entertainment, reaching the top of the professional wrestling industry as a former WCW and WWE Champion. Today he defines success very different – if just one life is changed for the better each day, each week, or each year, he has surpassed any achievement he has ever set out to reach. His important message of hope and positivity has made a difference in countless lives, and you can help us share this with others!


Parents and Students: If you’re a parent or student who believes that your school or organization would benefit from our dynamic speaking tour on Anti-bullying, Suicide Prevention and Positive Thinking, you can fill out the form on the right of this page and share the petition with friends and family. With enough support from within your community, we can better find where our message is needed most.

School Administrators and Organization Leaders: If you’re a leader within your school system or organization, you can contact us directly to find out our tour schedule and if Marc’s incredible team can visit your group and share his powerful story. Fill out our Booking Request Here!

Donate to Our Cause: Did you know that many school systems are in desperate need of our powerful message for their students, but they can not afford to bring us to their city? We make every effort to assist schools who are in need of help with their kids, and often times generous donors help make it possible to reach more of our youth. Your generous donation will go towards travel expenses for Marc and his team of presenters so that they can help those who may not be able to afford bringing Marc to their school – we cannot afford NOT to share this powerful message with your kids!

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